SUTP Photo Gallery

SUTP is always doings its best to promote sustainable urban transport through different media. For more than a decade, the project has compiled a database of more than thirty thousand high-quality photographs related to urban transport from various photographers around the world, and has now taken a big step by compiling the best of them and publishing them in its Flickr page at

In addition, other colleagues such as : Carlos Felipe Pardo, Mathias Merforth and Stefan Bakker and other contacts have published relevant photos on Sustainable Urban Transport.

A quick guide to using Flickr

Browsing via sets

SUTP has included photos into specific sets according to broad topics. The photos have been sorted into themed sets that you can access below.

Browsing via tags

Tags are like keywords or labels that you add to a photo to make it easier to find later. Photos are linked via geographic and geopolitical tags, such as city, country, continent, developing country, OECD, developed country, BRICS. Additionally, transport mode tags are also available: pedestrian, motorbike, bus, trolley, etc. Some additional related features and infrastructure can be searched such as: bus shelter, BRT station, bus stop, control operations center, etc. Moreover, urban planning characteristics tags were considered, such as: shared space, pedestrian island, median, etc.

A full list of tags from SUTP photos can be seen here.

Flickr Search Engine

In order to search from the full collection through the search engine, use the search bar on the right hand side of the Flickr home page. Additionally, it is possible to search within special groups or people. You can conduct your search in the whole universe of available pictures on Flickr or you can select to perform your search only within the SUTP's Photostream.

Browsing via sets

SUTP has included photos in specific sets according to broad topics. The photos have been sorted into the sets shown below.


Urban Planning

This set compiles photos that illustrate topics such as: Transit Oriented Development, sprawl, traffic, calming, shared space, complete streets, multimodal streets, and carfree zones amongst others.


Mass Rapid Transit

Photos from commuter rail, suburban rail, light rail (tram), metro and Bus rapid transit (BRT) systems illustrating stations, boarding, peak and non-peak hours, fare collection, intermodality, right of way, and operating control centres.


Travel Demand Management

The Travel Demand Management (TDM) set presents photos showing: parking management, on-street parking, off-street parking, environmental zones, congestion charging, traffic calming, parking restrictions and delivery-hours restrictions.

walking and public space.jpg

Walking and Public Space

In the walking and public space set, photos related to pedestrian facilities, ped zones and streets can be found. It considers urban planning issues and the integration of pedestrians into the urban fabric. The set looks at sidewalks, crosswalks and public spaces.


Sustainable Urban Transport

Photos shoring efforts to promote and facilitate the use of Sustainable Urban Transport modes. Intermodality examples are presented.


Urban Public Transport

Photos from different types of public transport services. It includes: paratransit, bicycle taxis, taxis, buses, collective taxis, public bicycles, minibuses and trolleybuses.


Road Safety

Photos showing road safety best practices as well as problems related to road safety, such as lack of pedestrian facilities like crosswalks, reduced, obstructed or encroached pedestrian space.


User Information and ITS

Photos that show different means to inform the users about routes, waiting times, stops, delays, wayfinding signs, user information systems and congested roads.

urban freight.jpg

Urban Freight

Photos that show diverse modes used for freight transport in cities worldwide, from freight bicycles, NMT freight, ships and boats to trucks.



Photos of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, congestion, aerial views and roads.